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BYC has traveled a long way, in terms of the roots of its origin & bound many people together in its journey. The idea of BYC first came to Shri Ram Krishna Chaudhary, the Father-in-Law Of the founder Kajal Chaudhary. Shri R.K. Chaudhary himself is an esteemed, established, and very experienced Yogacharya who was trained under the tutelage Of the great Yog Guru Maharishi Dhirendra Brahmachari in the year 1979. He planted the seed of Bhawnath Yog Kendra in the year 1981 but this dream sadly couldn't be turned into reality due to some underlying adverse circumstances. His dream was finally realized by our founder Kajal Chaudhary who started the organization in the year 2009


Shri Ram Krishna Chaudhary started his Yog journey in 1978. Ever since the age of 7, he studied and spent his childhood under the great spiritual leaders of Ayodhya. As a kid, he always possessed many Yogic qualities which solidified under the guidance of YogGuru Shri Dhirendra Brahmachari and he then found himself inclined towards Yog ever since. Brahmachariji recognized the potential in him and offered to join him in Kashmir for professional training in Yoga. Pursuing his passion for a lifetime, he has taught and influenced thousands of people including Business Tycoons, Celebrities, Civil Officials, diplomats, and many other respected people. 43 years in this profession and great success but "Simplicity and Hardwork" is still his motto till this date.


We welcome you to join our BYC Fitness Foundation, where we focus on Mindfulness and Awareness to live a healthy life by practicing Yoga Asanas & Meditation. Kajal Chaudhary, a trainer and teacher of Yoga for over 12 years now. She founded BYC Fitness Foundation with the hope to promote physical and mental wellness. Our Foundation is a place where people gather to sweat, breathe and break boundaries for their betterment. Our co-founder and yoga expert, Mr. Raghvesh Chaudhary has more than 25 years of experience. We provide the clients with varied and tailored services to cater to their requirements.


We offer a fresh approach to create self-awareness, improved physical and mental wellness with increased strength & flexibility, better sleep, and happiness. Our classes are varied, and the clients enjoy trying new and different activities as per their needs and requirements. We value the importance of regularity and consistency, which fosters a healthy & balanced life. We offer a variety of classes that cater to the ever-changing lifestyle. We love to combine creative sequencing, spirit, playfulness, and a bit of inspiration in our classes. We aim that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished, and balanced


We modify practice that is appropriate to our clients and explain areas for caution relevant to individual medical conditions. Coordination with clients and counseling on lifestyle and diet issues to ensure a healthy mind. Connect with clients during yoga sessions through genuine and intelligent sequencing. Our classes are powerful, playful, and heartfelt

WHY Choose us?

Experienced Staff

We have a highly experienced and expert staff who have done are Masters, to take you to a higher level. The teachers are courteous and prompt at providing any assistance.

Intimate Class Size

We conduct classes in small batches of 15 to 20 members for your ease and convenience. Every client is provided with personal attention from our teachers

Friendly Environment for housewives

The classes conducted by the teachers at the BYC Fitness Foundation have a friendly environment for housewives. The sessions are programmed to increase fitness, reduce their stress and make them feel relaxed.

Best Reviews &

More than 500 happy clients around India are satisfied with your services. We strive to achieve maximum consumer satisfaction.

Best Prices & Course Duration

We respect your time and money, hence, courses are designed to learn in a short time at affordable fees.


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