How To Attain Mental Peace?

Yoga is a powerful way of personal empowerment and achieving life-changing goals. Yoga is a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, and positive thinking, meditation focused on creating peace in the body and soul. The practice involves physical activity like postures (called asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation, and meditation. Most people are known of the asanas Yoga consists of but are unaware that Yoga has much more to it. Yoga is beneficial for each individual regardless of age or gender. It serves as a very efficient medicine for people suffering from anxiety or any such disorders. Regular practice of Yoga improves your mental well-being and creates a sense of calmness in the body. It relieves any sort of chronic stress, focuses on body awareness, and sharpens the concentration level of the brain.

Yoga provides development in various body areas: physical, mental, social, and spiritual health. When the body is physically healthy and the mind is stress-free and calm, we’ve won half the battle there itself. Now, all that is left is maintaining this in your everyday lifestyle. There are ten thousand articles on the internet that prove the effects and benefits of Yoga on the human brain. Hundreds of Yogis have scientifically proven this fact. Most people believe that Yoga just helps relieve back pain and more such aches all over the body. But, the benefits that Yoga reaps in our bodies remain unknown to many.

We all have flight-or-fight situations in our life and the adrenaline hormone helps us combat it. Now, you might be thinking about how it is relevant here. I’ll explain that to you in just a moment. Regular practice of Yoga creates a sense of self in us and reduces anxiety or stress levels. Thus, allowing us to enter such flight-or-fight situations with fewer complications and helping us come out of it in a much-relaxed manner. Yoga helps us maintain a healthy relationship with everybody around us. Who doesn’t have problems and issues with their partners, family, or friends? Now, any immature person would suggest you end it or start the blame game which isn’t gonna lead you to a solution. With the help of Yoga, you’ll be able to gather power and courage to mend the relationship by becoming more mindful and controlling your actions and words. This will help you a lot with your mental health and prevent anything from taking a toll on it. Mental Health remains a stigma even today. But, our little steps and observations can help create a better society for future generations. The first step towards this is to accept your situation and start working on it. You do not require any extraordinary skills or people to embed this value in you. All you need is some Yoga practice regularly.

Even basic Pranayama and Meditation can help you become more resilient and patient. It will help you focus on yourself and your inner consciousness. After you’ve done this, half your problems will be solved because you’ll not have the time to look into other’s businesses and become more and more satisfied with yourself. Reading this might seem very little and petty but, once you experience this in your day-to-day life. You’ll understand the importance of mental health and Yoga. Yoga and mental health go hand in hand, and once you master this balance in your life, you’ll already feel like you’ve achieved most of what you wanted.

A few of the most appropriate and effective tools of Yoga that help in mental health are following :

•Pranayama which is a practice of breath regulation in various patterns. One of the components of Pranayama is Vaichari Shuddhi or Thought Cleanliness. It helps in clearing our thoughts and thinking processes which lead to a healthier lifestyle.

•Pratayahara; a method of controlling or withdrawal of our senses. It sort of consumes the excess unnecessary thoughts that run in our brains all day!

•Dharna i.e., the beginning of Meditation helps in the collection or concentration of our mind and eases the process of Meditation further.

•Meditation is the final result of all this enactment and implementation. It helps you attain the ultimate mind thoughtfulness.

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